leveraging loans SMMEs receiveto grow and sustain their businesses

The purpose of post-lending support is to assist SMMEs to leverage the loans that they receive from financial institutions to grow and sustain their businesses.

Post Lending non-financial support for SMMEs In South Africa

Risk Management Tool

Improve efficiency and enhance risk management capabilities for credit providers.

Analytics & Reporting Tool

Data-centric analytics tool which creates holistic reports to monitor the entire credit portfolio.

real time loan portfolio monitoring System

For credit providers, post-lending support helps credit providers to strengthen visibility and oversight with respect to the borrowers’ finances and operations. AnswertheCall has developed a proprietary system that enables real time loan portfolio monitoring, particularly by detecting early warning signals of risk deterioration. The system enhances risk management capabilities of credit providers and helps improve efficiency.
post lending support loan life cycle

Data-Centric & Analytics First

up-to-date financial data with a fully integrated risk grading platform

With the availability of this data, not only can the credit provider set financial triggers, but it can also create holistic reports to monitor its entire credit portfolio. Our reporting tools offer dynamic visualizations that instantaneously dissect a portfolio in a multitude of ways to help discover business insights that form the basis for more informed decisions. Combining up-to-date financial data with a fully integrated risk grading platform enhances the credit provider’s risk management capabilities and brings efficiencies in both monitoring and detecting early warning signals.
post lending support
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